Service Capabilities

Right Matters

Always try to do what’s right.
Right for us, right for others.

Exceed Expectations

Go the extra mile.
Wow the customer.


Quality Counts

Only the best service, products
and outcomes will do.

Work Hard

Do your best work every day.
No excuses.

Design Services

Office Creations has a team of Architect and Designer liaisons who act as resources to the design community in order to help aid the A&D industry in the furniture specification process. Office Creations’ designers have degrees from CIDA-accredited schools and are trained in programs such as AutoCAD, Giza, Worksheet and Sketch Up. Our Design Team works hand-in-hand with clients to achieve comprehensive furniture packages that include space planning, furniture specifications, and material selection. When an architect or design firm has specified the core concept, Office Creations’ in-house Design Team helps enhance the clients’ finished space by providing specialized experience with commercial furnishings to complement the overall design.


  • Detailed and Accurate Furniture Specifications
  • Installation Drawings
  • Systems Furniture Reconfiguration
  • Inventory
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Fabric/Finish Selections


Both standard service calls and post installation white glove services are available to ensure your work environment continues to provide value well after project completion. With a Dedicated Service-Only Team and a communications process that ensures accuracy, our team believes our approach offers a value-added solution that sets Office Creations apart. Our service team has experience and is certified to service a plethora of systems manufacturers, and can advise and determine if they can be of assistance in these circumstances.  Day-to-day service requests post-installation will be handled by the project manager. Office Creations strives to maintain our Day Two Strategy which allows for on-site evaluation of the expressed concern with 48 hours of customer contact to the project manager.

PM Services

Office Creations’ experienced Project Management Team is committed to helping you meet and maintain your schedule. We work hand in hand with the contracting and construction teams throughout the process to ensure your furniture arrives on time. We make a conscious effort to listen to our clients’ needs in order to fulfill requests, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. We are always looking for ways to improve our current process flows to make sure things are streamlined for our team members and most of all for our clients!


  • Project Scheduling/Tracking

  • Managing Project Flow

  • Coordination of Manufacturer Deliveries

  • Coordination with Clients and Designers

  • Preparation of Detailed Punch lists

  • Move Management

  • Facility Services (on-site)

  • Final Walk-Through after project installation

  • Yearly Walk-Through Program

  • Weekly Install Meeting


“Do the right thing, always.” We live by this motto. Here at OC, we want to ensure that our clients are taken care of every step of the way from sales to install to maintenance. We are committed to excellence and providing quality service to our customers beyond the furniture install. Office Creations has a dedicated team of service professionals who will provide assistance with warranties, maintenance, and replacement parts when needed.