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Window Shades

Office Creations helps design your window treatment systems to allow beneficial daylight into a space.

We help manage glare and heat gain, preserve view, and reduce energy costs. In addition, we enhance occupant comfort, which means improved productivity.

Manual Shades

Our manual roller-shade systems feature versatile installations, smooth operation and a clean design, while providing maximum light control. Our shades include comprehensive daylighting and room-darkening solutions available in a chain-driven system.

Motorized Shades

Our motorized shade systems are proven to perform, whether in a private office, conference rooms, or high bay windows. With our various power options, controls, and designs, our motorized shade systems will work in any environment to help control occupant comfort and building performance.

Solar & Blackout Fabrics

We have a wide selection of solar (sheer) fabric as well as dimout (blackout) fabrics in different colors, textures, & weaves We also offer environmentally friendly certified fabrics. We make the complicated task of choosing fabrics into a simple selection process based on building performance and aesthetic preference.

Custom & Sloped Conditions

We have solutions for abnormal window configurations, such as sloped windows and skylights, which provide complete coverage and protection from solar gain and intense sun glare.

DC, AC, & Battery Powered

Various power options are available. DC powered motors reduce installation and maintenance costs by utilizing low-voltage and communication cables. These can be integrated with lighting control systems, A/V, and other low-voltage technology.

PoE and Technology

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows efficient network communication between devices. Since DC-powered motorized shades utilize PoE for power and communication, this low-voltage solution is a win-win for integrating with other building technology.


The value of motorization is increased when shades are moved without human intervention. Daylight, glare, heat gain and every benefit of window treatment can be managed by an automated system for enhanced performance and operating cost savings for the specific building space characteristics.


By controlling glare, occupant productivity is greatly increased. The occupant no longer has the constant need to readjust screens and chairs or to move with their laptops to less offensive spaces. This is done by reducing the visual discomfort or disability from an intense light source, such as:
1. Direct view of the sun
2. Direct sun reflectance from adjacent buildings
3. Bright sky
4. Intense daylight transmitting through the fabric


Maintaining exterior views provide occupants with a connection to the outdoors. A carefully designed shading system utilizes views effectively and improves productivity, minimizes eye strain to the exterior elements, and provides general connection to outdoors. These benefits causes an improvement in overall mood. Views are maintained in two ways:
1. Opening the shades more often for unobstructed views
2. Select a fabric that allows views through while closed


Thermal management is a primary concern on façades that receive direct sun and do not have window glass designed to minimize solar heat gain. In these conditions, occupants feel much warmer than the interior room temperature. Providing a solar barrier helps neutralize radiant heat from direct sun and the warm glass. Shades can be specified with higher solar reflectance to provide this significant protection from solar radiation. Note that many dark shades have low solar reflectance values, hence absorbing and re-radiating solar heat with no solar radiation benefits.

On a final note, solar window film can be specified for certain applications.

Philippe Lecoin

Business Development Manager