COVID-19 Install Procedures

Your health and our employee’s health are our top priorities as we continue to perform installations and service requests. Following guidance from the CDC and federal and state health experts, we have developed and implemented installation guidelines and processes, which we have outlined below.

Need Repairs or Cleaning?

All installers must wear eye protection and face masks while on all job sites or when necessary. OC Foreman have been given a supply of masks. These are to be given out 1 per installer per day. If the mask breaks or becomes unusable another mask can be given to the installer.

Disinfectant wipes and or spray have been provided to the Install Foreman to clean tools, handles and the cab of the vehicles multiple times per day.

Install Foremen have received training on proper handwashing and cleanliness to help prevent the spread of germs.

Installers must practice social distancing when possible by limiting the number of people who are allowed to travel in each OC vehicle and asking the installers to drive their own vehicles to job sites when able.

An OC Foreman is taking the temperature of all installers working with him every morning and doing a verbal health inspection. These temperatures will be logged and attached to all PlanGrid Install Forms post-install.