3 Tips to Stay Motivated Working From Home

While I am grateful to have stayed employed throughout 2020, working from home constantly has been a blessing and a curse. The ability to tackle household chores in between working is great, but the endless distractions and boredom have proven challenging – not to mention the added stress of COVID-19 and politics that we as a country have faced.

Whether you work from home full-time or part-time, here are 3 simple tricks that I’ve put into practice to help me prioritize my mental health and wellbeing and be more productive!

Separate your Workspace and your Home Space

I have found that working from home makes it extremely easy to blur the lines between work and life. Most of us don’t have a home office so unexpectedly having to work from the kitchen table proved to be very challenging. One way I’ve found to fix this is to only work in a separate room so that when I’m done working for the day I can “leave the office” and mentally be 100% at home.

If you do have the space for a desk, we sell a variety of work from home options with commercial quality and residential design, with sizes to fit every apartment and home. You can check out these options, here: https://office-creations.myshopify.com/

Maintain a Schedule

With an unlimited amount of distractions, maintaining a realistic and healthy schedule is important. At the beginning of each week and each day. I will set small, approachable deadlines for tasks, including taking a break! For those things that I REALLY don’t want to do, I use the infamous 10-minute rule.

Break Up Your Day

I’ve turned to my phone and Facebook more times throughout the day than I’d like to admit. However, I’ve also found a solution on my phone, in the form of the Google Home app.

A few months ago, they launched Workday Routines that “ automatically reminds you of all the small and big things to do throughout your workday—from staying on top of your calendar to taking a break away from the desk—that can sometimes be easy to forget.”

To learn more, visit their blog here: https://blog.google/products/assistant/get-better-handle-work-day-home-google/

I hope these tips can help you better tackle that work-from-home boredom we all face!

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