5 Things to Consider when Selecting your Office Furniture Dealership

Due to the huge selection of office furniture, picking what best suits your office can be an extremely time consuming and daunting task. One way to alleviate this is by bringing along a furniture dealership to help you! Their extensive product knowledge, experience, and discounted pricing will prove to be invaluable. However, not all dealerships are the same. Here are our top 5 tips for selecting a furniture dealership!

What brands do they carry?

When selecting office furniture, a good place to start is by picking the brand or kinds of furniture you need. In many states, certain manufacturers such as Allsteel, Kimball, or Herman Miller are only available through certain dealerships in your area. If the brand isn’t important to you, reach out directly to your dealership of choice and they’ll be able to help you select what kind of furniture is best for your office’s needs.

Do they offer design and space configuration?

While the price might be a deciding factor, it is equally important to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. While important, design services aren’t offered pro bono at all dealerships, so if that’s something you need, make sure that you can take advantage of in-house interior designers!

Do they include installation and/or have an in-house installation team?

While installation might be the last thing on your mind, a good install team can make or (literally) break the entire process. Make sure that the dealership you select has an in-house installation team as this will translate to minimal installation problems due to the consistent line of communication.

What kind of warranty do they offer?

You are making an investment and you deserve to know what is covered and for how long. Since warranties differ between manufacturers and even products, be sure to ask your dealer representative about the warranty for the products BEFORE you purchase them.

Do they offer used or defective furniture?

Used furniture can be a great option for immediate needs, however, if you want your furniture to be adaptable long term, you might want to consider buying new. You might be surprised how affordable new furniture can be!

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