And they lived happily ever after. If only it was that easy, right? I just turned 40 and after chasing it all for the last 20 years, I am ready for balance. Balance in reprioritizing everything I thought mattered and wanted to count. In under two decades, I have birthed 5 little humans, enjoyed a 17-year marriage to the love of my life, built a multimillion-dollar corporate office furniture company: all while clocking 80-hour of work per week. I entered the last year of my 30’s excited and ready to conquer whatever new challenge laid ahead. Then Covid hit.

My world stopped for the first time in 18 years. The Multi-million-dollar business I had so carefully crafted was hit hard by Covid. No one was in the workplace. Will we return to the workplace?  Absolutely and I knew that, but as I felt the waves crash in, one voice was very clear. His.

This was in his plans, right? Did Covid happen so I could hear him so clear? Was this the only way I would listen? What was God saying? What was He asking of me? Surely, He did not want 20 years of hard work to be swept away? He was very clear. BE PRESENT. LEAD INTENTIONALLY. Listen to what I have for you. Love. Serve. “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion” He did not bring me this point to watch me fail. I am his.

So, I leaned in. I re-prioritized, led intentionally, downsized my life, began to pivot, and moved my family to a place where we could slow down and be together. Enjoying simple pleasures like having all my children at 1 school instead of 5. Spending 15 minutes in the car instead of 4 hours a day. Running the business alongside the most amazing leadership team. Commuting to Atlanta and driving continued relationships all while living a newly balanced life. Learning I do not have to do it all and be it all, to have it all. Mine is a story of beauty from ashes. Strength from tears. God is writing a beautiful story and I would love for you to join me.

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