3 Ways Furniture Makes the Hybrid Workplace Work

We all know hybrid workplaces are coming. But how can companies shift the office environment to match the hybrid employee experience? Furniture is a simple solution that makes a hybrid workplace easier than ever utilizing the following 3 techniques!

1. One Workspace for Multiple Employees

Simple storage solutions, like the Allsteel Radii pedestal or bench attachments, have been designed as an all-in-one answer to giving employees a lockable place to keep their personal items, supplies, and files at the office workstation when they transition to working remotely.

Allsteel Radii

2. Hybrid Workplace: Clean and Organized

With minimal surface and open underneath, these benches make cleaning and organizing the space for tomorrow’s hybrid worker an easy process.

Allsteel Radii

3. Flexible Furniture for Flexible Environments

  • You can help your client save money by saving space with flexible furniture options that create simple hybrid workplace environments.
  • You can help your clients save time by providing options for your space planner to spec in the process.
  • Flex your expertise through a strong furniture partner to help walk clients through the hybrid workplace conversation.
Allsteel Radii

Learn more about flexible workplace solutions at this link: Design Flexibility with Beyond Pavilion You have the opportunity to win big with your client or company by casting a compelling workplace vision.

Let us help you make the most of this moment!

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