Design Flexibility with Beyond Pavilion

Concerned about the open floor plan in the world of COVID? Within the footprint of a workstation, we offer freestanding wall solutions without heavy construction, dust, and disruption. If you’re looking to provide separation along traffic areas, we offer Beyond Viz – creating enclosure along aisles, with a variety of socially-distanced, collaboration options. Reach out to learn more or explore these options with a client!

Design Flexibility

The simple, efficient functionality of Beyond walls offers built-in design flexibility that responds to the constant rhythm of business change. With a large selection of aesthetic choices, you can move beyond permanent drywall solutions and rigid space planning to create flexible workspaces that are ready to reconfigure and walls that are easy to relocate for whatever change the future brings.

Functional Privacy

Beyond walls allow the creation of diverse individual spaces where team members can enjoy a semi-enclosed environment. These work areas with a range of furniture options provide flexibility, separation, and sound masking, with a modern aesthetic.

Defining Space

Beyond Viz created to provide collaborative spaces can be utilized to define traffic areas, providing separation from adjacent workstations. With a variety of finish options, Viz provides needs for current distancing demands to workflow of the future.

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